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LimeLife Foundation Survey - LimeLife Foundation Sample

LimeLife Perfect Foundation Matching Quiz: What's Your Number?

Picking your perfect shade of Perfect Foundation doesn't have to be a guessing game! Answer a few questions and we'll guide you toward the number that will make you feel your best.

Where should we start?

Take a look at your neck, chest and arms. Choose the word on the below spectrum that best describes your overall complexion.

The skin on your face can be a much different color than your body! You'll get a more natural match by choosing the following based on your overall chest and arm color, instead of face or neck.

Which color best represents the depth of your shade?

Just think in terms of deepness - we'll get to undertones in a second!

Let's talk undertones!

There are three categories of undertones:

Pink to Red Undertones: This means your skin has tones of pink or red underneath. Your veins might appear more blue and you most likely gravitate towards wearing silver jewelry.

Yellow to Orange Undertones: This means your skin has tones of yellow, gold or orange underneath. Your veins might appear more green and you most likely gravitate towards wearing gold jewelry.

Neutral Undertones: You have a balanced undertone that is not too pink/red or yellow/gold. Your veins might appear blue-green and you can most likely pull off wearing silver or gold jewelry.

Which selection is more true to your skin tone range?

Pink (Fair to Medium)
Neutral (Fair to Medium)
Yellow (Fair to Medium)
Gold/Orange (Tan to Deep)
Red (Tan to Deep)
Neutral (Tan to Deep)
How does your skin react to being in the sun too long?

Imagine you forgot to reapply your SPF (it happens!), and picture how your skin would react. Read through all of the choices before you decide.

I'll burn at first, but it'll turn into a golden color.
My skin tans more golden right away.
My skin tans (or burns) and stays pink or red.
I hardly burn, and I have a deep complexion that turns cooler or stays neutral (not really red or pink).
Which group best represents the progression of your tan?

Select the photo that shows a representation of your progressing tan, even if you don't get to the lightest or deepest of shades within that selection.

If you burn, it usually turns into a tan. Your tan tends to retain some pink while still reflecting yellow as well.
You tan easily and your tan tends to be on the golden side.
You burn easily and your tan tends to be on the pinker side.
You rarely burn and skin tone remains the same.
You tan easily and your tan tends to be on the bronze side.
You tan easily and your tan tends to be on the red side.
Select all that apply:
Which two photos best represent your skin tone?

Again, think about your chest, arms and body. If you have more than one shade you're looking for (for example, if you use a different shade on the perimeter of your face), then just answer for the area you'd like to match. Limit to two for the best results!

*Note these are not necessarily grouped by undertone but from lightest to deepest. Pick more than one if you are not quite sure.

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